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ANGOR® Steel Belt Loading Conveyor

ANGOR® Steel Belt Loading Conveyor

Angor’s Heavy Duty (HD) conveyors utilize a heavier die-formed hinge belt capable of transporting larger, heavier parts.


  • 1.5″ pitch design
  • Custom-designed
  • 07 gauge thick laser-cut sidewalls
  • Capable of handling oily, dry, or hot materials
  • Top, bottom, right, and left motor mounts available
  • Lubrication points easily accessible
  • Able to handle very small items (small metal chips, screws, nuts, etc.)


150 Series Belts

  • Oversized hardened roller chain absorbs all the driving forces, with a pull strength over 20,000 lbs.
  • 11-gauge hinge thickness
  • Interlocking set-back side plates minimize the gap of hinge to side plate
  • Pimpled belt surface
  • Perforation available upon request
  • Belt width in 2″ increments
  • 1″ cleats standard, optional styles and sizes available

    Frame: 07-gauge thick steel
    Belt: 11-gauge hinge thickness
    Belt Width: 1.5″ increments
    Belt Speed: 1-70 FPM
    Belt Sprockets: Specially Designed For Low Profiles
    Bearings: 1″ I.D., Grease sealed
    Riser Incline: 0-90° in 5° increments
    Drive: 1/2 – 2 HP 110/220/440/575/1/3

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