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ANGOR® Magnetic Loading Conveyor

ANGOR® Magnetic Loading Conveyor

Angor’s innovative magnetic design is the answer for the problematic materials that wear or jam a conventional belt. Permanently charged, high-strength magnets are enclosed inside the conveyor and transport ferrous material along the stainless steel slider sheet. With no places for fine points to jam or wedge, our magnetic conveyors will provide years of dependable, uninterrupted service.


  • All moving parts are totally enclosed
  • Durable 16 Gauge stainless steel slider sheets
  • Ceramic Grade 8 magnets provide 1500-1800 gauss
  • Rare Earth Magnets are also available for heavier parts
  • Automatic spring-loaded tension station
  • UHMW Poyethylene runners provide continuous chain lubrication
  • Supplemental oil ports allow additional lubrication
  • Impact settes at infeed minimize wear
  • Various centers for magnetic bars, 12′ standard
  • Quality built for maintenance-free conveying
  • Pre-lubed RC-60 chain to reduce stretching

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