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SACMA Warm Formers

SACMA Warm Formers

The high degree of precision in machining is a must for manufacturing machines that must operate with high productivity and efficiency. SACMA has chosen to manufacture, in house, all components and has installed the most modern production machines available today on the market, to promote the total quality of all SACMA Group products.

A systematic and rigorous inspection procedure of all manufactured parts before inventory stocking is the best guarantee of interchangeability and availability of spares. The correct choice of high tensile materials, the proper heat treatment specifications, the accuracy of surface finish operations of grinding and lapping make a SACMA machine the most reliable, the most productive and lowest cost machine in manufacturing.

The concept of performing tool change in the shortest possible time represents an undisputed necessity for modern industrial manufacturing of cold forged parts, made in smaller lots. In developing the quick tool change system, SACMA made no compromises of rigidity and power of the machines; a typical characteristic of its machines. The CR quick tool change system, standard for machines series 3, 4, 5 and 6, allows for easy removal of the die block, hydraulic clamped, and just as easy removal of the punch block bolster and the complete transfer unit.

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