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TECNOPRESS SCF Wire Warmer 308S-312-916

TECNOPRESS SCF Wire Warmer 308S-312-916

The wire heater is a unit designed to pre-heat stainless steel wire before cold heading.
In Tecnopress wire heater, the conversion from electric power into heat takes place in the wire only through an elecctrially controlled short circuit at low voltage (7 or 15 kW) between two pairs of rollers: this planning device ensures a uniform and constant distribution of the temperature during the entire heating process, reducing the tooling energy impact and improving the material plasticity.
Moreover, thanks to a complete and wheeled structure it can be placed wherever it is needed on any cold header.


  • The equipment allows the wire to be heated up to 300°C or 400°C for the 308S model;

  • The wire warmer is independent of the printer, and can be installed quickly and easily;

  • Each time the processtops, the heat output is immediately balanced and adjusted to the desired temperature, eliminating any problems with stress control and overheating of the wire.

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