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The SF 18-33 & SF 14-22 welding machine is a key element of the coldforming fastener production line. It is designed and built to join wire rod hanks and guarantee the continuity of spinning operations in the line. The welding process is developed through a sequence of operations characterised by low energy consumption, operational simplicity, and the elimination of potentially dangerous manual work steps. The use of a mobile welding unit offers the flexibility of welding in different positions and situations, increasing the efficiency and speed of the work. This machine can be used in many different contexts, from repair shops to industrial production plants and construction sites.


    • Height-adjustable work surface: simplifies wire handling and reduces the risk of contact between wire and operator;

    • Vertical uncoiler: this is the most correct and optimal way to handle hanks of wire rod before drawing;

    • Repluced welding time: min 4 - max 10 minutes;

    • Storage of welding parameters (working time and amount of filler material);

    • Different materials can be welded together.

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